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About Stella

We are a trading and logistics company that helps to easily transport cargo anywhere in the world. We have been trading and freight forwarding since 2015.

We offer freight transport of any volume and direction. From shipping 100 tons of cargo to China by water to transporting a small shipment to another continent.


We own a wide geography of deliveries. Stella Agency Network has more than 3,000 organizations worldwide.

Our logisticians will find an advantageous and fast solution for cargo transportation. They will offer a suitable means of transport: by land, sea or air. We will draw up a route so that the goods will be delivered safe and secure as soon as possible at the optimal price.

Stella is your guide to logistics and trade.

We close deals on time

Our team accompanies the deal at all stages to ensure the goods are received as early as possible

We keep in mind each detail

We analyze pros and cons of the route to choose the best itinerary for your cargo.We consider the relevant information on subsidies for products, etc.

Expansive network

Our offices are located all around the world. We can easily accompany and close the deals on different continents. The head office is in the UAE.

Personal touch

We offer personal rates for price, means of transport and delivery time. Choose what suits you.


Logistics Services:

Oversea shipment
  • Short Sea
  • Sea freight
  • Container freight
  • Bulk cargo shipment
Air transport
  • Mixed cargo
  • Charter transportation
Rail shipments
  • Container exports/imports to ATP countries and Europe
  • Domestic Russian container transportation
  • International container trains


We organize profitable deals on buying and selling of foreign and Russian goods. 


By contacting our company you will get:

– Professionals’ support. We follow all market events and analyse detailly trade operations to reduce the risk of negative profit.

– New opportunities. We have access to many trading platforms all over the world. You can expand the geography of trade with us.

– Quick results. Using advanced technologies and analytical tools makes us one step ahead. That allows us to react quickly to market changes and make advantageous decisions.

– Honest cooperation. We appreciate the trust of our clients, so we provide full transparency in our operations and reports. You will always be aware of all transactions and results.

– More time for your business. We provide a full range of trading and delivery services so that you can focus on developing your business.

IT goods Buying/selling computers, office equipment, Apple products, peripheral hardware, network equipment.
Raw Materials Buying/selling of petroleum coke, crude and solid fuels, black carbon, metal,grain and other goods.
FMCG Buying/selling food products, cosmetics, household chemicals and other products of widespread consumption.